3 Podcasting Trends to watch out for in 2022

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podcasting trends

The world of podcasts is ever-changing, and some trends are not always easy to spot. We created this list to tell you about three of the most critical podcasting trends and developments in 2022 you should be aware of. 

1. The battle of the listening apps continues

The most prominent contenders in the battle for the most successful listener app are Apple and Spotify. Regardless, other companies are starting to make their move or are expected to join the playing field.

Youtube, Facebook, and Amazon have supported Podcast listening for a while now. Other players like Netflix are awaited to aggressively sway consumers to use their platforms to enjoy their favorite podcast. 

These companies all have one thing in common: They have very deep pockets and will do anything to gain a foothold and increase their market share. If you want to guarantee that your listeners can find you “in their favorite podcasting app”, it will mean you need to make sure you are available on more platforms in 2022.

Even though it sounds obvious, many podcasters are severely limiting their potential reach, with only 60% of podcasters hosting on Buzzsprout having submitted their podcast to Apple.

2. Podcasters will have to become better marketers (or find someone that is)

A considerable number of creators are highly skeptical of the “M-word”. The reality is, without any marketing efforts, it will be hard to grow a show if no one knows it exists or where to find it. Every day new people listen to their first-ever podcast; simultaneously, the number of available shows increases. To be discovered, you will have to create a plan. 

Marketing doesn’t have to be performance advertising like on Google or Facebook. You can become a great content marketer without having to spend a dime.

Some tips to get you started:

  • Collaborate with other creators and spread the word together
  • Create audio snippets to share and tease on social media
  • Engage your existing audience to foster word of mouth, e.g., through live recordings, Q&As, or meet & greets.

3. Indy podcasters are getting empowered

The podcasting market is fragmented and confusing without centralized platforms that offer distribution, discovery, and monetization. In 2021 numerous Indy podcasters have understood that this lack of centralized platforms offers freedom to pursue opportunities without existing rulesets and restrictions.

Content creators are turning their podcasting adventure into an independent business. Instead of letting media houses dictate the terms, they find out what works for them. 

One of the most exciting developments we have seen in 2021 was the appearance of decentralized independent podcast networks. Podcasters banded together, usually around a content category or purpose, to support each other. Within these networks, the podcasters stay independent but can cross-pollinate their audiences or muster impressive combined listener numbers that give them an edge when negotiating brand deals. 

Any network is also a community that enables knowledge exchange around all aspects of podcasting. Some podcasters are great at marketing & design; others are experts in audio editing. These communities are a fantastic support structure that enables all members to succeed. 


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