A Crash Course in Storytelling for Podcasters by Mike McVay

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In the last episode of Audry talks Audio, Niklas talked to Mike McVay. President of McVay Media and most recently the Executive Vice President of Content and Programming for Cumulus Media and Westwood One. He’s an expert in storytelling and how to engage listeners’ audiences. He’s also a consultant to Benztown and has recently spoken at Podcast Movement in Nashville about storytelling and how it’s done right.

Below is a short crash course of our three favorite takeaways, which every podcaster can start with tomorrow.

1. Storytelling is essential for every podcaster.

“Some podcasters think they only need to focus on storytelling when they’re working from a scripted story. But the reality is, people, communicate in stories. So even when you’re sharing something that happened to you, you’re setting up a story. That’s where the storytelling begins.”

2. Know the destination of your story.

“If you were to get in your car and you put an address in your GPS, you are designed to go somewhere. But if you don’t know where you’re going, then you’re just going to wander aimlessly. If that were a story, it would just rattle on and on. The storyteller would never get to the point because they have no destination in mind. Every story has a point of departure, a journey, and a point of arrival.”

Pro tip: to make sure you know your destination, you can always write your story as Stephen King does. The American horror writer always starts with the end of his books.

3. Lean how to visualize your story.

“When you eventually tell a story, make sure your listeners can visualize it in their head. To get to that point, you need to close your own eyes and think about the story. Start visualizing it yourself. If you can’t visualize it, you can’t tell it properly. You need to know where the story is going. Visualize your point of arrival.”

Don’t forget: “When you can identify with a story when you can visualize a story, you can tell that story.” – Mike McVay

Watch the full episode of Audry talks Audio below:

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