Audry’s 10 Most-read Articles in 2021

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Most read articles on the audry podcasting blog

It’s been definitely a year in terms of podcasting. Here are the 10 most read articles on the Audry blog this year. Did you read them all? 

10. Improve your podcast downloads with these tips from Triton Digital’s Sharon Taylor

In one of the Audry talks Audio episodes, Niklas talked to Sharon Taylor, managing director at Triton Digital. One of the topics we thought was worth sharing was her vision and concrete tips on how to improve your podcast downloads.

Read the article here

9. How to Start Making Money With Your Podcast

Many of our community members ask themselves: when do I start thinking about monetization? What do I even need to think about? And is there a magic number that I need to hit in terms of audience? In this episode of Audry Talks Audio, we asked Ed Ryan how and when to start making money with your podcast.

Read the article here

8. How to Start a Podcast – Pick a Topic

In August, we launched a series especially for those who’re still in doubt about starting a podcast. To do so, we asked our community for help. How to pick a topic was probably one of the things that we got the most advice about. We asked 140 podcast creators to share their best piece of advice for every beginning podcaster on how to start.

Read the article here

7. 23 Things Every Podcaster Should Try at Least Once

Who doesn’t love a little challenge? Regardless of how much we love podcasting, it’s important to make sure that we check in with ourselves and make sure we keep having fun. New challenges effectively improve your skills and experience growth, both personally and with your podcast. This list of 23 things is just what you need to build up excitement and get you feeling all motivated once again.

Check the list here.

6. 7 Tools to Help Podcasters Boost Their Audiences

Nowadays, podcasters have countless online tools to help them grow their audience, from platforms to enhance branding and graphics to video streaming suites and transcription software. The podcast marketing process has never been more straightforward.

We collected seven tools that will help you streamline the process of boosting your audience and reaching new potential fans. 

Read the article here

5. Why You Should Celebrate Every Stage of Growth

Starting a podcast can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences you may ever have. When you begin producing your podcast, you’re not just making a piece of content. You’re starting a brand new journey. As with every journey, there will be highs and lows, but it’s essential to maintain perspective and stay motivated throughout.

To look forward to producing each new episode, take a moment to celebrate every milestone of your podcast.

We collected a few in this article

4. The Podcasting Landscape’s Past, Current, and Future State according to James Cridland

In this episode of Audry talks Audio, our co-founder Niklas Hildebrand talked to James Cridland, radio futurologist and editor of the daily podcast newsletter Podnews.

Listen to the episode here

3. The Ultimate Guide to Podcast Collaboration

You will want to start growing your audience at a certain point in your podcast’s journey. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting. Growth is always a good thing.

Taking the time to expand your audience can seem like a daunting task when you already spend so much time creating, editing, and producing, but finding the right strategy will help you streamline this process. 

Read our guide here

2. How to Write a Good Podcast Description

Creating a podcast is not only about recording it and editing it. The entire podcast work includes many things, and one of them is writing a good podcast description. This can seem easy when you first hear it, but that couldn’t be further from reality. Podcast descriptions can determine if people listen to your show or not.

Read our tips here


1. Why you are way better at podcasting than you think you are

Unless you were already a celebrity before starting the podcast, chances are you had to put in the hard work to grow your audience to what it is today. We tend to set unrealistic podcasting goals for ourselves – and end up disheartened when we can’t achieve these goals.

Setting reachable benchmarks is the best way to ensure that you feel successful and confident in your podcasting journey.

Everybody can use a little confidence boost now and then. Read the article here

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