CEO Eugenio: I believe collaboration is the solution to many of the challenges podcasters face

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Audry CEO & Co-Founder Eugenio Warglien

Eugenio is originally from Venice, Italy, but has traveled all over the world before settling down in Berlin. There he met Niklas, the other co-founder of Audry, at a young tech startup. They launched Audry in March 2020 and almost 2 years later they inspire a community of over 15,000 podcast creators. Eugenio finds it every time incredibly rewarding when a podcaster shares how Audry has helped them grow their show, find new guests, or build new relationships.

6 questions for our co-founder and CEO Eugenio Warglien.

1. What made you and Niklas decide to found Audry?

We are strong believers in empowering independent creators and that technology can help us enable more and more creators in developing as small independent businesses. We’ve been working in the space for years, and we’re both avid listeners of podcasts. When we learned that 99% of podcasters struggle to find an audience, we decided to use our learnings and skills to help solve that problem!

2. Why do you believe that every podcaster needs Audry?

I believe collaboration is the solution to many of the challenges podcasters face throughout their journey. Whether they are just getting started, or they have been at it for a while, Audry is a place for them to network effectively with fellow creators and find real opportunities to grow.

3. Tell us about a day in the life of the CEO/ co-founder at Audry?

I spend most of my day working together with our incredible team, solving challenges, and building a culture where we can continue bringing great solutions to our users. I love staying very close to product development, understanding how people use Audry today, and working on products and features that help them grow their show. A big part of my job is to make sure we keep solving the real challenges that podcasters face — and luckily we have a large community of creators who continuously share their feedback and ideas with us.

4. What do you love most about your work at Audry?

No day looks the same at Audry. I love that. I’m constantly learning new and exciting things from both my team and our community of creators, as we work together to improve the Audry experience. It’s very rewarding to see how many podcasters are using what we’re building, and I love to think that every day I’m at work, I have a chance to help other people solve their challenges.

5. What do you appreciate most about the culture at Audry?

Everyone at Audry knows their opinion is valuable and how to communicate it to the rest of the team directly and respectfully. This is one of the key elements to continuously learn from each other and make good decisions.

6. What brought you to Berlin, and what do you miss most about your hometown?

I love a city that embraces diversity and provides an opportunity for people to do what they love. Berlin is the best I’ve experienced when it comes to that. I’m originally from Venice, Italy, so I miss being close to the sea (including fresh seafood)!

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