Checklist to Get you Ready for Brand Partnerships

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If you are looking to monetize your podcast, brand partnerships can be an excellent option.

As a podcast owner, you have a unique opportunity to partner with different brands to help promote their products, services, or merchandise to your listeners and get paid to do so. It can be a viable way of earning income.

As you think about approaching different brands to build these partnerships, you may start to feel a bit nervous. How do you pitch your podcast to these brand partners? How do you encourage them to work with you? What makes your podcast unique from the many others that are out there?

There are a few things you will want to do to set yourself up for success throughout this process. We’ve put together a quick checklist to help you get started.

Step #1: Do Your Research

The first step to establishing brand partnerships is to research different brands. What brands are you most interested in working with and why? Just because you gravitate towards a certain brand does not mean it will be the best fit for your podcast.

As you research different brands, pay close attention to the demographics they serve, the messaging they provide, and the values they promote. Do these things align with what you are trying to achieve with your listeners? Only if there is a great fit can you be sure to deliver great value to your sponsor and introduce relevant products to your audience.

The more research you can do before contacting these brands, the better. It’ll help you develop a deeper understanding of the brand and what it represents so you can craft a strong pitch.

Step #2: Craft Your Pitch

The next step involves building your pitch. The pitch is where you have an opportunity to sell yourself and your podcast. Your pitch can either make or break your chances of working with some brands, so you want to be sure that the message you craft is a strong one.

What goes into a good sales pitch? A great sales pitch is clear, concise, direct, and unique. You want it to be succinct enough to hold your audience’s engagement but intriguing enough to capture their hearts and minds. No one wants to hear the same boring sales pitch. They want to hear something new, fresh, and inspirational.

Think about all the reasons why your podcast would be a good fit for your target brand. How does your content align with the brand’s messaging? It is also important to think about your audience. Who are you pitching to, and how can you curate a message that appeals to that demographic? In your pitch, be intentional about creating those parallels. Make them explicit so they can see the value your partnership would bring to them.

Step #3: Determine Your Price

This part can be tricky for podcast hosts, but it is a critical component. When you approach different brands, you want to be able to define your price clearly and be confident in sharing this information. Many people tend to shy away from talking about money, but you want your brand partnerships to know and understand your worth.

Hence, this is also where research can come in handy. It can be helpful to research different market rates since there is no industry standard. Even determining a price range can help you figure out where you fit within that spectrum. What is your worth? What do you bring to the table? How much are you expecting to agree upon in this partnership? Don’t be afraid to share what you think the partnership might be worth based on your current reach and projections for the future.

Final Thoughts

Forging brand partnerships can be an exciting and lucrative way to grow your podcast. While the process may seem a bit scary initially, it doesn’t have to be. Following this checklist can help you prepare to make an effective sales pitch.

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