Community Manager Davine: I’m learning so much about the podcast community

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Davine Vleerbos

Building and engaging the community, having conversations with podcasters, writing copy, and creating all types of content – she does it all. Roughly one year ago, Davine left the Netherlands for a new adventure in Berlin, and Audry is part of that. She loves music, good food and wine pairing, spending time in nature, and don’t be surprised if you see her behind an easel on the weekends.

Find out more about Davine’s journey to Audry, what she likes most about her role, and what her own podcast would be about if she ever starts one.

6 questions for our Community Manager Davine.

1. What made you want to join Audry?

When I left my previous job and decided to move to Berlin, I thoroughly thought about what I wanted to do next. I wrote down what was important to me regarding vision, team, role, and values. When the opportunity at Audry opened up, pretty much all of those points were a match for what I was looking for. When I met the team, it felt right.

2. How does a typical workday at Audry look like for you?

I like being part of a small startup because I don’t have a typical workday. But for myself, I’d like to work on some bigger projects in the morning and end the day with more operational stuff. The things I do vary from coming up with ideas for our content calendar, researching blog articles to some ad-hoc requests for other teams. Besides that, I’m sending a bi-weekly newsletter, designing all of our visuals, and making sure our social media channels are up-to-date. Depending on the week, I’d also be busy editing our video series “Audry talks Audio” or brainstorming with potential partners for some cross-content. When I’m lucky, I can squeeze in a few calls with podcast creators to talk about their experiences and success stories.

3. What do you love most about your work at Audry?

Honestly: the responses from our community. I try to talk to our community members a lot. And the feedback – positive and negative – is just the best. In my first year at Audry, I learned so much about the podcast community. And I still learn new things every day. It’s truly a heartwarming place to be. If everybody wanted to help each other out as much as podcasters do, I believe this world would be a lot prettier.

4. Which parts of your job do you find most challenging?

The choices you need to make. Being part of a small team also means that you can’t do everything you want. I always have more than a thousand ideas, but (unfortunately) only two hands to make it work. Choices are made easier because data tells us what works and what doesn’t. But hey, as a content creator, it’s sometimes hard to kill your darlings. That’s why it’s essential to keep in mind that you always want to impact the things you do. Especially during the phase Audry is in now.

5. What do you appreciate most about the culture at Audry?

I once described it as a field full of puppies running around, catching a ball. That’s the drive our team has. We’re all eager to reach the company’s goals and to make them work. And there’s generally a feeling of trust that you’re responsible for your tasks and getting them done—some form of freedom and flexibility.

6. Last but not least: if you had to start a podcast tomorrow, what would it be about?

I’m not sure if I’ll ever start a podcast. I just can’t hear my own voice. But if I ever get used to it… It’ll probably be something about art, history or music. And wine. I need wine for that.

Now that we have your attention…

We got nominated for a Community Industry Award!
We’re all super excited about this one. We got nominated in the category Customer Success Community. And to be honest: we couldn’t have done that without you. Every podcaster in our community contributes to that success. As you can understand, now that we’re nominated, we want to win! You can vote for us here!

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