COO Niklas: I love that we are able to help podcasters succeed in ways that were not possible before

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Niklas Hildebrand Audry

Niklas is originally from southern Germany, but he has lived in Canada, Spain, and Singapore for brief periods before moving to Berlin 7 years ago. Here he started his journey at a young tech startup where he also met our other co-founder Eugenio. He and  Eugenio first talked about Audry roughly 2 years ago, launched it in March 2020, and now, 16 months later, they inspire a community of over 13,000 podcasters. 

6 questions for our co-founder and COO Niklas Hildebrand.


1. How does Audry help podcasters? 

Podcasters are dramatically disadvantaged compared to other content creators and lack access to technology supporting them in their journey.

Many companies in the space are working on the challenges of listeners or advertisers; however, we are championing podcast creators and empowering them to be independent in creating, distributing, and monetizing their content.

2. How does a typical workday at Audry look like for you?

Every morning the team and I have a check-in meeting, and in the evening, we also check-out again together. Other than that, I really enjoy that I don’t have a very typical workday, and most days and weeks are very different, and I am working on different challenges and tasks. 

3. How did you and Eugenio come up with the name Audry?

When thinking about the ideal name of the company we had two key requirements:

  • It had to be short and easy to remember
  • There had to be a clear connection to what we do (Audry is very close to Audio)

Audry also pays homage to the “Audrey System,” the first voice recognition software.

4. What do you love most about your work at Audry?

I love that with Audry, we are able to help podcasters succeed in ways that were not possible for them before. It’s a great motivation to see all the nice messages and comments people send to us. 

5. What made you want to become a founder?

I have always been fascinated by innovative companies and the stories of how they got there. After being involved in multiple larger software projects in university, I started thinking about starting my own company at one point. 

6. What do you appreciate most about the culture at Audry?

I appreciate most that everyone at Audry really identifies with our mission and is constantly questioning whether everything we are doing is helping us achieve it. Together with an honest and supportive attitude is one of the key reasons we can move so fast.

Catch Niklas at Podcast Movement 2021!

From 3-6 August music city Nashville will be flooded with podcasters from all over the world for Podcast Movement. And we have some exciting news! Our co-founder & COO Niklas Hildebrand will be speaking.

Friday, 8/6, 1:30pm – Marketing Stage. More info here.


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