Engineer Anastasiia: I want to help podcasters to make their lives easier

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Nastya (short for Anastasiia) came to Berlin 3 years ago. With a music degree as a jazz pianist in her pocket and 6 years of experience as an engineer in Ukraine, she was determined to build a new life in  Germany. Although she loved computers since she was a little girl, coming from a family full of musicians, she started studying music after high school. Luckily for us, she figured out she wanted to become an engineer when she was 20. She likes main coons, succulents and ferns, strategic and RPG games, and everything around the phenomenon of radiation. 

Read more about why she wanted to join Audry, what her morning routine is and what her podcast will be about. 

6 questions for our engineer Nastya Norenko.




1. What made you want to join Audry?

I joined because I was looking for a company to try SAAS (Software as a service). Second: I liked the product from the first minute I saw it. I feel strong solidarity with the podcasters on the platform because I’m a creator myself. Right now, I just want to help them to make their lives easier. I know that being a creator can be exhausting, and sometimes you feel underrated for putting in a lot of effort. I used to produce music, and if there existed an Audry for musicians at that time, that would be the bomb. 

2. How does a typical workday at Audry look like for you?

I’m opening my eyes at 9:20, and at 9:45, I have a standup. After standup, I’ll drink two glasses of water and make myself a coffee. I drink water because coffee makes me anxious, but I like the taste.

For the next 3 hours, I’m in a deep focus where I ignore everything from the outside except my parents’ telegram messages and my cats meowing for any reason. Working from home helps me to catch a high level of focus. After these 3 hours, I try to switch to something that could be done in parallel to watching game streams. I love coding while the stream plays; it helps me relax and focus on some easier tasks until the end of the day. 

3. How would you best describe your role?

I’m Keeping It Simple, Stupid. (don’t get offended it’s a term – one of the many programming principles.) 

4. What do you appreciate most about the culture at Audry? 

Each person in the team has a high level of emotional intelligence which makes growth more effective and faster. On a personal level, but also from a product perspective. 

5. How did you become an engineer?

I come from a family of musicians. That’s why I picked a music college over something else. I’m a trained jazz pianist. But I have loved computers since my dad got his first one when I was 11. The first game I played was The Neverhood; I even have a tattoo of Klaymen now. 

When I was younger, I wasn’t good at algebra; I found it challenging to understand what the teacher wanted. Later I just gave up. But I was good at geometry which was suspicious to me. I passed a final school exam with a high assessment, which again was suspicious to me. At music school, I liked the theoretical part more than playing. Solfeggio and harmony were my favorite disciplines. 

When I was 20, I started a small business teaching people how to play the piano. When I wanted a website for it, I had to build it myself. That’s when I realized how much I enjoyed the engineering lifestyle. —sitting in front of a computer and putting puzzles together. So I forced myself to read a lot about it, trained my focus, and became an engineer! 

6. Last but not least: if you had to start a podcast tomorrow, what will it be about?

I’m hosting a website and telegram blog about Berlin. I tell my daily life stories, and people enjoy them cause they can find themself in these stories. I recently started a section for newcomers from Slavic countries – how to get settled, what to do or not. Things that I would be happy to read about when I just arrived. 

If Ukraine and Russia were using Apple Podcasts on a larger scale, I would create a podcast about it. 

Subscribe to Anastasiia’s Medium to read more about engineering practices.

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