Finding and Collaborating with Podcasters in Your Niche

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Podcasters thrive off of the audience and community that grow around our show – it’s why we do what we do. One of the best ways to reach new communities and potential listeners is by collaborating with other podcasts. Regardless of what your podcast is about, there are fellow podcasters out there looking to grow as well. Now, the question is, how do we go about finding podcasters who are not only interested in collaborating, but that can help us find new lifelong fans. The key is to find mutually beneficial partnerships that boost your authority in your niche, and bring on new audiences for each party. Remember, you can only benefit from working together with your fellow creators, and the more you put yourself out there, the more partnerships you can build.

How do we go about finding podcasts for collaboration? 

There are millions of podcasts out there, and this means that there’s endless opportunity for you to find new partners and collaborators. By securing those first partnerships, you’ll be able to show your community that you’re trusted by others in the field and that you’re serious about growing your podcast. As your project expands and evolves, so will your partnerships and collaborations.

As you start conducting outreach for collaborations, be mindful of how much time you are spending working on content for other podcasts, rather than your own. Remember, your podcast and its content always comes first, so don’t bog yourself down with hours of outreach if you simply don’t have the time.

Look to your Podcatcher

One of the easiest ways to find new podcasters in your niche is, well, to see which podcasts podcatchers define as being related to your own podcast. These podcasts already share a certain number of listeners with you. You can think of this as a venn diagram; you may share some listeners, but there’s a proportion of their listeners who don’t yet know about you!

The same goes for you bringing your listeners to other podcasts. The goal is to encourage as many listeners as possible to check out both podcasts – so that you can grow together. Many podcatchers use their own unique algorithms to determine which podcasts fall within the same niche. Check out a few different platforms to see what they recommend, then reach out to those podcasters. You can also look for podcasts that might be about a different topic, but share some similarities with your own show.

For example, if both podcasts are produced in the same city, have the same format, or even have different takes on the same current events, there’s a pretty good chance they can find a way to work together.

Reach out to Your Community 

There are also potential collaborators within your social media circles. If you have built a social media community around your podcast, check out what other podcasts your audience is following. You can also simply reach out to your listeners and ask them what some of their favorite podcasts are.

You will not only make your own audience feel involved with your podcast, but they’ll be much more likely to tag the podcasts that they recommend. That tag is as good as an endorsement when it comes from a listener, so you’ll already be on their radar when you reach out.

Reach out to Experts in Your Niche

If you have a podcast about a certain topic, you can also do some research to determine which other creators are making podcasts in that niche. On any podcatcher or search engine, look up your topic – whether it be marketing, sustainability, or gaming – and research the suggested podcasts. Even Google features suggested podcasts for many search queries! Start building out a list of potential collaborators, and reach out to them individually with personalized messages.

Finding New Collaborators on Audry

We know that finding collaborators takes time and effort, and sometimes we just want to spend our energy actually making our podcast, rather than conducting endless partner outreach campaigns. Audry streamlines the process of finding new collaborators, and enables you to hone in on the podcasters that not only have an investment in collaboration, but are excited to network with other podcasters around the world. Audry helps you meet vetted podcasters, identify partners within your niche, and grow your audiences together. You can narrow down your search by topic, location, episode duration, listens, and more to find the most beneficial collaborations. Audry enables you to join forces with thousands of podcasters to grow your audiences together (for free)! Their community is always growing, and there’s no doubt that you will find the perfect partners.

Building out Your Pitch for Collaboration 

Once you have found podcasts that you want to work with, you’ll need to show that a collaboration with you has value. Within your pitch, show them that you have traction, talk about the guests you’ve featured, and even link to other podcasts you’ve worked with. This will show that you don’t operate in a vacuum, and that you’re actively building a community around your podcast. You already have dedicated, lifelong fans, but you’re looking to grow your audience and you will convey that you chose their podcast for a reason. Make the outreach personal, show them that you’ve listened to the podcast, and tell them how you’d like to work together. The more they know about your intentions and what you can offer, the more likely they will partner with you. There are few ways in which podcasts tend to work together, and it is important to be on the same page about how you will be promoting each other. Whether you want to be a guest on each others’ podcasts, write content for each other, or simply shout each other out, be clear from the beginning regarding what you want.


You don’t want to spend hours producing audio for another podcast, only to have them give you a simple shout out in exchange. If everything goes well, you’ll boost each others’ listenership and continue working together on cross promotion and collaboration.

However, remember to not stretch yourself thin with guest spotting and featuring on other podcasts. If you only have five hours per week to work on your podcast, make sure that you schedule out time to build these connections so that it doesn’t interfere with your production process.

Using Audry can help you to streamline the process and build impactful collaborations with new partners. Ping a few podcasts per month, and always make sure that your own content comes first.

The more you grow, soon podcasters will be reaching out to you for collaboration!

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