Growing Your Podcast Through Creative Partnerships with Lauren Passell

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Lauren Passell - Grow your podcast

In this episode of Audry talks Audio, our co-founder Niklas Hildebrand talks to Lauren Passell, founder of Tink Media – a podcast growth company that specializes in podcast PR, promo swaps, and creative partnerships.

She is also the curator of Podcast The Newsletter and Podcast Marketing Magic. Her list of 100 Podcast Marketing tips was called “GOLD” by Glynn Washington, host of Snap Judgment. Lauren has spoken at Podcast Movement about podcast marketing and will be speaking at PodFest in Orlando and SXSW in Austin in 2022.

In 30 minutes Lauren Passell and Niklas talk about:

  •  Why you need to start thinking about marketing even before you write your first episode.
  • How to find partners for potential collaboration.
  • That one promo swap isn’t going to move the needle (and how to get to a 20 per week).

Note: this episode was recorded in December 2021 but due to unexpected events published just now. We for sure didn’t want to keep it from you. Never waste any good content.

About Audry talks Audio:

At Audry, we help podcasters to access the tools to take their podcast journey to the next level. Audry Talks Audio, helps you to understand the world of audio.

Join Audry’s co-founder Niklas Hildebrand as he talks audio with guests who should inspire every podcaster and entrepreneur. Each episode contains powerful information to help you understand trends, tools, and insights coming from the world of podcasting and audio.

Episodes will be available on YouTube and the Audry blog.

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