How to Be a Good Podcast Guest

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How to be a good podcast guest

Everybody wants to be a guest on a podcast these days, but how do you prepare yourself for that? What do you need to do before, during, and after the interview? When are you a good podcast guest? This article describes some tips and ideas you can follow if you want the best chance to stand out and become a great guest.

Why Should You Be a Guest on a Podcast?

We all know that the podcasting industry is thriving. Currently, the number of podcasts surpassed 2,000,000, and over 50% of people claim to listen to podcasts. Getting a podcast interview can expose you to new experiences and audiences without having to create one yourself.

Another notable thing is that few podcast hosts charge guests for coming on the show. It’s usually a mutually beneficial arrangement where you provide entertainment or expertise for their audience. In exchange, they may offer some free marketing, allowing you to promote yourself, your own podcast, or your business. Some podcasters may even link your contact information, social media platform, brand, website, etc., in the description of the episode you star in. 

Apart from that, it may lead to great networking connections if you get booked as a guest. In the future, if you ever host your show, you may be able to find guests for your podcast more easily. 

What Good Podcast Guests Do Before, During, and After the Show

There are some things you can do before the interview. For starters, search some episodes from the podcaster and hear them out. You need to have a feel for the podcast’s rhythm if you want to pitch better. 

Search for relevant detailing segments in the show’s format. For example, some podcasters may ask the same closing questions to their featured guests in most episodes. If you know what these are, you can formulate a strategy and whip up some quality answers and stories to entertain the listeners. Also, if they offer any podcast prep, complete it as it often provides valuable insights. 

If you’re participating online through the network, ensure you have the best possible audio setup. Get yourself a good microphone to talk without issues and do a quick dry run to ensure everything is connected correctly.

Try to have a warm and smooth conversation. Use the host’s name now and then, and keep your answers concise. Remember that they have a limited recording length, so you want to tell good, tight stories to give them enough airtime to go through their podcasting segments without problems.

Send some love to the host(s) for helping you spread your message or simply for allowing you to participate. You can create a social media post and advertise the episode to help it reach a larger audience. Sharing their other notable works and interviews could help them as well.

Another thing you can do ask them if they would be interested in interviewing other potential podcast guests. After all, you could have someone in mind that could add value to their podcast.

Similarly, you can ask them whether they know anyone trying to find podcast guests. A referral can help you connect with more remarkable individuals. Of course, try to do this tactfully. If you have your own show, you could ask them if they or someone they know would like to join as guests on your podcast.

Final Thoughts

Remember to have fun during your interview. Podcasts are a unique experience that offers excellent opportunities to meet new, brilliant people. 

Once you make several appearances as a guest in multiple shows, you can try to step up your game and develop further connections. After all, it’s a great way to grow your business, advertise your services, or endorse yourself. 

Reach out to some podcasts inside your niche and offer to participate as a guest. Before long, you might become a noteworthy option for a podcast host looking for guests.

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