How to Become a Better Podcast Marketer

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Become a Better Podcast Marketer

A considerable number of creators are highly skeptical of the “M-word.” The reality is, without any marketing efforts, it will be hard to grow a show if no one knows it exists or where to find it. Every day, new people listen to their first-ever podcast; Simultaneously, the number of available shows increases. To be discovered, you will have to create a plan. Marketing doesn’t have to be performance advertising like on Google or Facebook. You can become a great podcast marketer without having to spend that time.

Website for Brand Identity

Certainly, it’s a great idea to have your podcast listed on the popular directories. Nevertheless, you should always have your own podcast website. It’s more than just about having another place to post your show.

If there’s one thing we know about marketing, it’s that your brand identity is your biggest asset. Yes, you put a little piece of yourself into your podcast, but until it’s on your own website, it doesn’t get to merge with other puzzle pieces to yield the true experience.

Your logo, slogan, colors, etc., are great for visual identification. Apart from that, your website can steer your listeners to engage with you in other ways. For example, it may have a blog that they may enjoy reading. Maybe there is a merch store present that supporters can use to help your podcast grow even more.

This is also a great place for you to have a repository of small audio snippets that you use to tease your users. On that note, you may want to use these same snippets on your social media platforms to influence people to come in and look at what you are doing.

Engage Listeners to Become Advocates

Not many things are more effective than a testimonial from a trusted person. If your listeners have people in their circles whom they encourage to check out their content, that’s probably going to be more effective than your own marketing efforts would have been to the same people.

You need to learn how to leverage existing interest in your product. You can use Q&As, meet and greets, or even live recordings to foster this. The intention is to make your audience so excited about your podcast that they cannot help but share it with their friends and loved ones. Of course, they need to see the value in doing this, and that is where your efforts come in.


People enjoy getting stuff. You probably enjoy getting stuff. So, why not give some stuff away? Now, we don’t want you to fall into the trap of using exclusively giveaway marketing, as it severely cripples your engagement at any point you have nothing to give.

You also want to ensure that your giveaway requires something that benefits the podcast. So, for example, you can require people to follow, comment, and probably even send a screenshot for a giveaway contest you’re doing.

Provided the contest is long-running, you get to engage people with your content in the meantime until the prize-giving time comes around. By that time, while you may lose a few of the listeners who were in it for the giveaway, but you would have engaged some, which brings your podcast greater value.

Guest Appearances

Don’t underestimate the power of partnership. Collaborations with other creators give viewership and strength to both. If you’re a guest on another show, it puts you in the eyes of a whole other audience. You get to showcase what you have to offer, and the show that is hosting you is probably going to direct viewers to check you out.

Similarly, you want to allow other content creators to become guests on your own podcast. That way, you can provide value to someone else. Additionally, the guest’s audience is likely going to be tuning in for support. In doing so, you get yet another opportunity to show what you have to offer.

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