How to Get More Podcast Reviews

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Get more Podcast Reviews

Podcast reviews are an important incentive when you want to grow. Besides, after putting on a lot of work creating content, it is fulfilling to know what people feel or think about your show. It is also fun and motivating to know that your listeners actually take the time to write something about you or your show. 

Positive podcast reviews show that people appreciate what you are doing. This gesture encourages the production of quality content that is engaging and relevant.

Though there are also possible negative reviews, they are not the be-all or end-all of your platform. Here is all you need to know about podcast reviews.

Why Are Podcast Reviews Important?

To grow your podcast requires time, dedication, patience, and enthusiasm. And a review may offer more insight than your average statistics. Though statistics are all important, hearing or reading what people have to say about your show is impactful.

Your listener’s reviews help you gain trust and credibility from your prospects. If a potential new listener, for instance, sees a series of five-star ratings, they feel secure and in the right place. Ideally, both positive and negative reviews speak with authority about your podcast.

Developed brands notice and like to partner with podcasts that get good reviews. An increase in podcast reviews enhances social proof in attracting traffic. Furthermore, reviews are an easy and effective way of persuading prospective listeners.

How to Get Podcast Reviews

Some of the insightful aspects that help in growing your podcast are having high-quality online reviews. Honest and good recommendations come from satisfied listeners.

These listeners become bigger assets for your podcast. Though some listeners do not know how to share their experiences, it is ideal for you to help them to give their reviews. Ideally, there is nothing awkward about asking for reviews.

It is crucial to have a variety of positive reviews to cultivate and maintain your podcast. There are many ways you can request your listeners for reviews, such as:

  • Asking your listeners to rate or review your content
  • Read reviews aloud, respond, and interact with your listeners
  • Encourage your happy listeners to leave a review
  • Use your social media platforms to persuade people to review your work
  • Send text messages or emails to your listeners or partners asking for reviews
  • Use brainstorming templates
  • Include call-to-action episodes

How to Use Positive Podcast Reviews

Both positive and negative reviews are of great importance to your channel. First, they help you grow, improve, and engage with your listeners. Furthermore, they can help rank your podcast higher.

Positive reviews are beneficial to your channel because they draw more listeners and prospects. Apart from increasing the number of listeners, it encourages other people to express their thoughts. Podcast reviews are a good tool for increasing traffic to your channel.

Reviews play a role in convincing clients to listen and contribute to the topic of discussion. Many positive reviews are ideal for an increased rate of growing your brand. It increases your listener’s trust, and it attracts more referrals.

How Do You Deal with Negative Reviews?

Not all reviews are positive; negative reviews are inevitable. After all, you can’t please everyone. Some people may like your content, while others may dislike it. That does not mean you have to stop. Negative reviews are there to strengthen your channel and help you grow.

Though they may affect your growth, you need to find a way of covering up the bad reviews with the good ones. The best way to handle the negative reviews is by taking each of them as an opportunity to improve.

Make sure you strive to have more positive reviews than negative ones. Good reviews may cover the bad reviews, and clients may still consider listening to you.

Strive to correct the mistakes or recommendations given in the bad reviews to make your content better. Be open-minded to learning and executing ideas as needed.


Reviews are necessary for any channel. You need to know how people take your content and where you should improve. Encourage your listeners to leave reviews. Take all reviews positively and improve where necessary.

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