Ways to Make a Long Term Impact With Cross Promotion

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The hardest part of cross promotion is finding podcasts in your niche and determining a partnership plan that works for everyone. Once you have found reliable, like-minded partners for collaborations, guest swaps, and content sharing, you’ll want to maintain these symbiotic relationships for the long term.

You can approach this like any other relationship; it takes effort, but everyone will continue to benefit if you communicate and work together. There are several ways to maintain this relationship, including communication, assessing outcomes, and ideally developing new avenues of cross promotion so you can continue to grow together.


To keep your cross promotion collaboration going strong in the long term, it’s integral that both podcasts communicate. This doesn’t simply mean agreeing on an outline for a collaboration plan and then never corresponding again. Successful collaborations rely on healthy communication, even if some of the conversations are difficult.

For example, you may have featured your partner on an episode, shouted them out on your social media, and written a guest article for their website, but they made less effort, and you feel that they owe you some more features. We know that you may not know this partner personally, and it’s easy to forget about it and move on to the next collaboration. These conversations can be awkward and uncomfortable.

However, the best way to resolve this issue and potentially clear a path for future collaboration and mutual growth is to talk it out. Perhaps they had a busy week and forgot to send you some material and shout you out on their episode. Being clear about your expectations and ensuring that everyone is on the same page can’t happen without an open line of communication.

Assessing Outcomes and Goals

Speaking of expectations, a healthy cross promotion partnership requires that both parties be realistic and open about their ongoing goals and expectations. Your cross promotion goals from last year may not be the same as they are now.

Depending on how often you each release episodes, post on social media, and produce other content. Having a monthly check-in is a great way to congratulate each other on your successful promotion campaigns and see what can be improved in the future. You can also use this time to get down into the ‘nitty gritty’ of your traction and Key Performance Indicators (listens, shares, downloads, listener location, etc.).

If you both find that the collaboration is beneficial and makes sense, then keep going! If you feel like one party is pulling less weight, encourage them to be more active by showing them the numbers and goals you were hoping for. Being clear about the current state of the collaboration will give both partners the motivation they need to put more effort towards mutual growth.


There are countless web-based applications to help you manage your collaboration. Audry enables you to continue chatting with partner podcasts long after your first cross promotion together. If you choose, you can always keep the conversation on Audry – the platform’s user-friendly chat portal enables you to keep all of your collaboration communications in one place.

You can also use tools to streamline the process of collaboration itself. For example, you can keep a Google Drive of shareable content, articles, brand messaging, and episodes that collaborators can easily pull from when they want to promote your podcast.

Trello or Asana are excellent tools to make sure that certain publishing deadlines, collaboration goals, and content pieces are outlined by priority. Both parties can stay up to date on which pieces of the collaboration have been completed and which are still on the agenda.

We also recommend using a publishing calendar to ensure that each partner can keep tabs on when new episodes come out when each piece of content is published, and more. This will help everyone track the outcome of the collaboration. If you see a spike in followers or listeners on a certain day, you can reference the publishing calendar to see whether it was because your collaboration partner shouted out your podcast or posted your guest article on their website.

It’s enriching to see real-time results of cross-promotion. The more both partners can see the day-to-day benefits of working together, the more likely everyone will continue the collaboration in the long term.

Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level 

The best outcome of any podcast cross promotion partnership is that both sides see mutual growth, and both partners are delighted and pleased by the results. You’ve got a good thing going, and everyone wins!

Why not take this a step further, and work together to build out a new collaboration campaign with new content, audio, and potentially new formats. For example, you can ask your partner to write a monthly article for your blog, provide a guest spot once a month, or even feature each other as ‘Partner Podcasts’ on each others’ websites. As long as everyone continues to benefit mutually, keep the collaboration going! You’ve really got nothing to lose.


As they always say, communication is the key to every relationship. When both parties are open about their specific goals and their expectations and measures for success, it is more likely that a concrete and achievable cross promotion plan can be developed.

While some are bound to work better than others, it’s important to realize when a partnership is uniquely beneficial for both parties – these are the collaborations you’ll want to keep going in the long term.

Keeping detailed records, documentation and an open communication line between each partner is the best path towards mutual success. The best collaborations are long-term, and why not see where the journey takes you!

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