How to run successful paid podcast promotions

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How to run successful paid podcast promotions

There are many ways to get your podcast’s name out there and in the ears of new listeners. At Audry, we believe in the power of collaboration, but sometimes you are looking for something faster or simply more scale. The most straightforward way for that are paid podcast promotions of your show. However, if done haphazardly, the results can be very underwhelming. Here are some tips to optimize your paid promotions and set yourself up for success!

How to pick a promotion type

There are two main types when it comes to podcast promotions. Which one you should choose depends primarily on your personal preference as both have their unique advantages and disadvantages.

Trailer Promotions

With this type, your trailer will be inserted in another podcast. Trailers are usually 30-60 seconds long and enable you to control the entire promotion message fully. This promotion type is usually the fastest to set up as the trailer just needs to be added to an existing or new episode.


With the host-read format, the promoting host will introduce you directly to their audience either via a pre-written script or fully in their own words. With host-read promotions, you will have to give up some control, but podcast hosts usually know best who is listening in and how to make your show seem most interesting to them. 

How to create your sales pitch

Your sales pitch has to include the most important reasons anyone should be subscribing to your podcast. It is crucial that your pitch is concise, to the point, and contains all the most important aspects of your podcast. 

Try to remove everything that isn’t absolutely essential. Really focus on the big questions: 

  • Who are you, and what is the name of your show?
  • What is your podcast about, and why did you start it?
  • Where can people find it?

Especially for trailers, it can be tempting to overdo it and add extra elements like intro outro/music  but try to stay away from that. After a new potential listener has heard the promotion, you want them to know who you are, how your show relates to them and, how to get to an episode.

Optimizing your promotion results

So now you have created the perfect sales pitch for your show and maybe even made a trailer. Good job! Nevertheless, the work doesn’t end here, and you shouldn’t start booking promotions randomly. 

Pick the right promotion partner

You want to promote your show to audiences that are most likely to subscribe to your show. If the content of your show is about the best BBQ joints, partnering up with a podcast about vegan nutrition is unlikely to generate more followers.

This doesn’t mean you need to stay within your main content category. People interested in True Crime are potentially also interested in your show about horror movies. 

If you are not sure whether a podcast is a good partner for you, just reach out and ask them! Sometimes, it’s not apparent who exactly is listening in just from their show descriptions.

Don’t underestimate ad frequency

One dimension that is especially important for paid promotions for podcasts is ad frequency. Ad frequency is the average number of times your promotion has been listened to by a person. This number is significant because it will help you know how many times a potential new listener has been exposed to your podcast promotion.

We all hope that people instantly click the subscribe button as soon as they hear about us for the first time, but they often need a slight nudge to do it.

Practically, you should experiment with paid promotions over a longer time frame, e.g., two promotions in the same show within 4-8 weeks. 

Bring it All Back Together: How to manage your paid podcast promotions.

After reading this post, you know that there are two main types of promotions. For both, you need to have a concise and convincing pitch to attract new listeners.

For maximum effect, you’ll want to promote your show in podcasts that have a similar audience for maximum relevancy.

Ad frequency is the average number of times people have listened to an ad. Having only heard about your show once might not be enough to get them to subscribe.

Overall, if you make sure that your ads are done right, this can only positively impact your show’s reach.

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