How to SEO your show notes

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This is a guest blog post by John Maye aka Johnny Spoiler. He is the host and producer of Binge-Watchers Podcast, an entertainment news podcast that John has grown to an audience of 1M listeners every month.  

Until lately, podcasts and other audio content weren’t considered direct SEO resources. Podcasting was more for increasing reach, supporting knowledge, and networking with others in the field.

Things evolved when Google proclaimed that podcast shows would be indexed. That only means they would start to show in search results. Before that, Google mentioned making podcasts searchable for many years.

It was not until innovations in natural language processing, and artificial intelligence made it possible to identify keywords within podcasts and rank them that this became possible. 

Podcast show notes are a written synopsis of what’s included in your podcast episode, the things you talked about, and what listeners could expect to hear. Show notes also have CTAs, guest bios, links to resources, social media, suggestions, and other relevant things to the episodes that listeners might find useful.

Whether you have a podcast or are interested in starting one, these tips will help your podcast shows gain the visibility it deserves.

Perform keyword research and make SEO-friendly titles and copy

Look for key terms that people are searching about your episode topic and add those words in your title and throughout your podcast show notes. Keeping your copy simple and optimizing keywords helps search engines categorize it and makes it simpler for your audience to read.

You need to follow SEO best practices in HTML. Ensure you have keywords in audio copy tagged with Headings and Title tags.

Condense the episode’s main points without giving too much away

You must have the main topics that listeners might search to attract them to listen. However, you should not reveal too much that they do not feel the need to tune in.

Create an attractive description

The descriptions are important as they offer your listener a glimpse of your episode’s details and unique aspects. Include your primary keywords, use essential tags, and optimize the title to help your listeners find your podcast on whatever platforms you are on.

Include timestamps to your podcast episode summaries

This is applicable for those long-form show notes. Including the timecodes to the list of main ideas reviewed in your show will help listeners tune in to the specific moments in the show that most interest them.

Make a dedicated section for your call-to-actions

Ensure you also add links for your audience to rate, listen to, and review the episode on every main podcast platform and links to your Patreon or other monetization platforms, if needed.

Include your podcast transcripts

Given your transcript is edited to make a copy that is simple to read, it can offer your show notes an SEO increase and make it accessible to people who are difficult to hear. A few potential listeners might read the transcript than listen, but adding a transcript might convert them to potential listeners when they understand your content’s value.

Writing great podcast SEO show notes can increase your listener numbers by offering added value to your audience and improving search traffic. Follow the best practices above to inspire more people to listen to your podcast show.

Feel free to reach out to John to learn how to start growing your podcast or to start your own branded podcast. You can find all the information on his podcast and advanced SEO material on

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