How to Start a Podcast – Pick a Topic

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This week in our how to start a podcast series: how to pick your podcast topic. Just because this might be more important than you think. To be honest, it was probably one of the things that we got the most advice about from our Audry community. We asked 140 podcast creators to share their best piece of advice for every beginning podcaster on how to start.

As we said last week, the initial step to start a podcast is developing and planning your concept. So, your podcast topic. Remember that you might be working on this podcast for months or even years. It will be challenging and annoying if the topic of the podcast doesn’t interest you. Dana Buckler of The Dana Buckler Show actually asked a really important question:

‘Would you be a dedicated listener of the podcast you’re creating?’ 

If the answer to this is already no, then maybe it’s time to skim a little further until you find the perfect topic. Creating a podcast takes time, and you obviously want to invest your time in something that interests you. Rattling on endlessly about the rise of a new trend within the coding scene is probably not something you want to spend hours on if you’re not a developer. There are probably topics you can’t get enough of, though. Find a topic that’s close to your heart because this is what you’re going to dive into for your podcast. Answered the question from Dana with a yes?

Are you entirely sure? Then also, keep this advice from two Audry users in mind:

The basic rule for me is to have a well-defined purpose. Why do you want to start a podcast? Once that’s settled, everything begins to fall in place.
– Oluwatobiloba Davies – Addicts’ Corner.

Think about the purpose of your podcast and who you are directing the content at to make sure your episodes are focused on that target. 
– Ann Thayer – Crime Time With Virginia Defense Attorneys.

We get that it’s quite a step to commit to your podcast topic. But we know that one day you feel like it’s a good fit because you’re so passionate about the topic. You can basically play the first episodes in your mind already. And if not, you can always change the topic during your journey. As long as you’re passionate about your podcast.

Final checklist

Based upon the feedback from our Audry community. We believe you should be able to answer these questions before deciding on a podcast topic:

  1. What’s your purpose – why do you want to start this podcast?
  2. Are you passionate about your idea/topic?
  3. Who will be your audience -do they already exist somewhere?
  4. Are you the first – Is your idea unique enough?

Can you answer all these questions, and you’re excited to kick things off? There’s your podcast topic!

Read some more advice from our Audry community members about picking a podcast topic:

The one piece of advice I would give to a new podcaster would be to take your time coming up with the idea for your podcast. And take your time in coming up with an outline. and go from there; also, getting someone else to listen to your episode before uploading it  that is an excellent way to learn what to improve on 
– Christopher Vitale – The Nightmare report.

Find something you’re passionate about and have fun. The most exciting part of any podcast is the chemistry. You can have top-tier equipment and still be dreadful to listen to if you can engage with the audience. The best podcasts are formed when the fun, humor, and joy are drawn from the creator to the audience.
– John – Jager Bombs with Johnny’s Mom.

Just simply start, don’t overthink it, find a niche and topic you are passionate about. Then just start talking about it, and the rest will follow. Don’t get bogged down by the metrics and not see the growth you envisioned for. It may take a bit of time but stick with it, freshen it up with guests, etc., and the rest will follow.
– Babs – Last words with Babs.

Take the time to understand your ‘why’ before starting a podcast, i.e., business goals, the listeners you want to attract, and your niche/how you will deliver unique content. Podcasting requires many of us to step outside our comfort zone and to show up consistently. Having a clear vision behind why you’re doing a podcast will motivate you to start, keep going, and work through limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.
–  Kristin Quiroz Bayona – Explorer in You.

Find a topic you’re passionate about. Read three recent top sellers on that subject. Share your information with the world. People DO want to listen, and they DO like to learn. 
–  Jose – Personal Training 101.

Create the content on something that you love to talk about. Buy equipment based on a mid-long term value on how long you intend to run the podcast. With regards to podcast hosts, try it out first before committing to a full year.
– Glee – Gleeful Talk Show.

Love discussing topics that you are passionate about that you would want to keep doing all that’s required to continue releasing episodes or doing live shows because it’s a lot of work but worth the experience. It’s fulfilling for the soul for the show to last.
– Nichel Anderson – Surviving Your Journey Towards Success.

Have an idea. Above all, what makes people want to listen is that whatever you chose causes you unique compared to the rest of podcasters. Essentially when I started my podcast, it was surrounding personal experience. It was something I’d take to social media and rant about because the issues I spoke of ARE STILL a problem. How do we know if people are listening? Downloads. That’s the key, and there are so many affordable options to choose from to start.
– Kemi Ible – For the Most Part Podcast.

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