How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Podcast

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How to use twitter to promote your podcast

Twitter can be a great time for podcasters, assuming you have the right formula to create engagement. Not only has Twitter been around for a very long time, but it has also maintained quite a large audience. Unlike Instagram, the demographic using Twitter seems to be on the broader side of the spectrum, so you can get an arguably greater uptick here. Twitter’s strength lies in its ability to use different formats, features, tools, and techniques to create engagement in a slew of different ways. Here are some great ideas to help you use Twitter to promote your podcast better than ever!

1. Emojis Inject Personality

Don’t underestimate the power of emojis in your tweeting. If nothing else, they certainly attract the younger demographic. Beyond that though, they really bring things out visually, and they show that you can be fun.

Even if your podcast tackles serious tones, there is nothing wrong with injecting some fun into your online presence and drawing viewers in. 

2. Threads Offer More Characters

Twitter’s character limit has been the stuff of debates for many years. Even with the idea of doubling the characters, it still often doesn’t seem like enough. However, one could argue that it’s what Twitter is going for. 

When you think of the word “tweet” it’s short and sweet, which is what tweets are probably meant to be. Nevertheless, you may have more to say than the limit allows you to, so using threads is a great idea.

To that end, what you could do is post your initial tweet and put in a couple of comments under it to extend the message. If your comments are nested with those of your audience, then you hit the jackpot even more.

3. Live Sessions

People love to be seen and acknowledged by those whom they follow. To take it a step further, many listeners would jump at the opportunity to have a one-on-one talk with their favorite podcast hosts if they could. Why not give them the opportunity to do so?

On Twitter, you can host live videos with guests. That way, you make your online presence feel more personable, which helps to create a great sense of community. 

If not with your guests, then what about your producer or co-host? Podcast listeners would enjoy a kind of free form discussion, and you can use it to whet appetites and tease what’s coming up in your next podcast.

4. The Power of Audiograms

If you’re not familiar with audiograms, they’re captioned audio files that use static image or video. What you want to do is take interesting snippets from your episodes and use them as audiograms to give users a preview of what to expect if they listen to your podcast.

One could say that there is nothing more appropriate for the podcast niche on Twitter than the audiogram feature.

5. Polls

Considering polls require an answer, they create automatic engagement. The more interactive you can get, the better. You could even combine this with the emoji idea from above and set all the potential answers to be emojis, so people can indicate how they feel about a given topic in a more creative way.

Polls are very easy to create and use, and sometimes you get great ideas and insights from your viewers, that you can use to make yourself an even better content creator.

6. Retweet for Reach

Retweeting is another tremendous feature that Twitter has. Basically, you take an existing tweet, reshare it as a new one, and you get to add a caption to give it a bit more personality and put a spin on it.

You can use this feature to your advantage by retweeting some of your own tweets to increase the level of engagement that they generate.

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