How to Write a Good Podcast Description

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write a podcast description

We all know that producing a new podcast is not easy at all. Not only do you need to find a decent topic to talk about, but you also need to be charming enough to catch more public. Regardless of that, there are hundreds of podcasts to listen to, so you can always take inspiration from other people.

Creating a podcast is not only recording it and editing it, though. The full podcast work includes many things, and one of them is writing a good podcast description. This can seem easy when you first hear it, but that couldn’t be further from reality. Podcast descriptions can determine if people listen to your show or not.

If you want your podcast to succeed, you need to learn how to write appealing and exciting podcast descriptions for each of your episodes. Many people prefer hiring another person to do it, but you can write podcast descriptions yourself once you get the hang of it.

Read this page to learn how to write a successful podcast description!

Why Should I Put That Much Effort into Podcast Descriptions?

When you first start a podcast, the first views you get come from friends and family members, which are people who were loyal to you even before you started the podcast.

Your target audience when writing podcast descriptions is the people who don’t know you. That means they don’t know any friends of yours or family members who could be recommending the podcast to them, either. When you get to someone like that, you need to have something to catch them.

Even if you have the best podcast in the world, it’s all useless if people don’t listen to it, so you first need them to see something that encourages them to start playing your podcast. That’s when podcast descriptions come in handy.

People reading your podcast description should end up wanting to listen to the episode instantly since those descriptions are one of the only tools you have to attract people outside your social bubble to your show.

Reading podcast descriptions shouldn’t take more than a few seconds, so everyone can read them at all times.

How Can I Write a Good Podcast Description?

Now that you got to this part of the post, it’s time to know how to write the best podcast descriptions for your episodes. Follow these steps to do it:

  1. Give a Short Summary of the Episode
    On a basic basis, podcast descriptions are merely a brief explanation of what the episode is about.

    Writing those explanations is more complex than it seems. However, as long as you use podcast descriptions as an opportunity to sell the episode to your audience, everything is fine. Talk about the most interesting parts of the topic and craft your own writing style.

    It’s useful to add some questions you’re going to answer in the episode. That way, readers can get interested in what your thoughts are on those subjects.

  2. Add a Hook or Cliffhanger
    Giving a decent explanation of what the episode is about is essential to writing a good podcast description, but it’s not enough by itself. You need to add something to hook the public to your content.

    Cliffhangers are excellent for that matter. Try speaking about the most polemic or interesting part of the podcast and tell the reader they have to listen to it to know what happens.

  3. Be Concise
    People new to your podcast are not likely to read a five-paragraph description for each chapter. Write something concise and appealing to new people.

Bottom Line

Starting a podcast is difficult, but seeing how everything flourishes at the end of the day is priceless. Invest some time in your podcast and practice your writing before writing podcast descriptions!

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