New Year’s Resolutions to Grow your Podcast in 2022

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New years resolutions podcast

Every new year is a time to take stock, reassess, and start fresh. You’ll want to grow your podcast in 2022! As many experience, however, it can be difficult to reinvent oneself every twelve months. Developing realistic, achievable intentions for the new year, can not only get you on the right track for growth, but provide you with inspiration moving forward. 

Podcasting is no different. There are always ways to renew and expand your podcast, and make it work for you. From listening to new podcasts, developing new partnerships, to taking the time to set an organized publishing calendar, there are many ways to set yourself up for podcasting success in the new year.

After reading this blog, you’ll be ready to kick off your next year of podcasting with a better roadmap, new partnerships, and a plan to monetize your project.

Listen to New Podcasts

One of the best ways to keep your own podcast fresh and up to date is to branch out with your own listening habits. Podcasters can always find inspiration by listening to new shows, hearing different formats and discovering unique stories they’ve never heard before.

Have you predominantly listened to interview podcasts over the past year? Try expanding into narrative storytelling or conversational podcasts to see how you can continue to reinvent your own show. This will help you to see what else is possible for your own podcast and how you can break away from the same routine in the new year.

Find New Partners to Collaborate With 

Once you have a dedicated fan base and community, you’ll want to find new ways to grow your podcast in 2022. Using platforms like Audry will help you to grow your audience through cross-promotion campaigns, host swaps, and more. By partnering with other podcasters around the world, you can tap into new audiences and share your own audience with a brand new show.

Set some realistic cross-promotion goals for your team, and start assembling outreach templates, shareable social media content folders, and lists of potential partners so you can jump right into cross-promotion and grow your podcast 2022.

Remember, cross-promotion is an effective (and free!) way to get your podcast out there to new communities. With Audry, you can find podcasters within your own niche and grow together through cross-promotion campaigns that benefit everyone.

Monetize Your Podcast

If you haven’t already started to monetize your podcast, this is the year. While podcasting is a medium to long term game when it comes to monetization, raising funds to reinvest into the show (and yourself) is a great way to take your podcasting game to the next level.

If you have your eye on a new microphone or mixer, want to splurge for some social media marketing, or simply want to book the studio more often, you’ll need some extra funds. If you have an active and dedicated fan base, try crowdfunding with platforms such as Patreon to reach your funding goals.

Remember, you’ve put a ton of work into your podcast, and you deserve to be paid for all of your effort.

Make a Plan for the New Year

It takes a lot of planning to develop a podcasting roadmap that accounts for every hiccup, each challenge and every unforseen time constraint. Looking back on the last year of your podcasting journey:

  • What processes and strategies could you have improved?
  • Where did you find that you were stressed or unprepared?
  • Did you tend to leave editing to the last minute?
  • Did you hope to have a more active social media presence
  • Or do you wish you’d collaborated with more partners?

These are all pain points that can be helped through active planning and time management – the cornerstone of a successful podcast. Rather than being exasperated and constantly playing catchup, developing realistic goals for your podcast will nudge you towards success.

Start the year organized

While you have some down time in the new year, develop a roadmap for the next months of your show. If you have a co-host or team, set a weekly or monthly date to have a team ‘editorial’ meeting in which you determine goals and responsibilities for the next episodes.

By starting the year off organized, you’ll be able to spend less time focusing on the immediate future of your next episode, and more time developing long term plans for growth and improvement.

By using detailed publishing calendars, platforms like Trello or Hootsuite, and dedicating certain days to editing and research, you’ll be able to have a much more fruitful 2021.

Take time to appreciate all you have accomplished

You have already done the hard part – you started your own independent podcast and gotten an awesome project off the ground.

You’ve kept it going throughout the ups and downs of 2020 and made a fantastic show despite everything that happened this year. As with so many creatives and content producers, podcasters can forget to look back on all their hard work and reflect. As you grow your podcast in 2021, you’ll sometimes feel like the work is never over.

Look back on where you started and where you are now, and think of all the milestones you’ve already hit with your podcast. Looking back on the highlights will give you the inspiration you need to keep going in the next year!

Happy podcasting, and happy New Year from the Audry team! 

Roadmap to-do list:

  • Using a detailed calendar, plan out the next three months of episodes: 
    Schedule out guests, episode topics, and production pipelines
  • Determine short, medium and long term goals for your podcast: 
    Short: Staying on top of production, keeping social media up to date, engaging with fans
    Medium: Establishing crowdfunding/monetization campaigns, building more partnerships for cross-promotion
    Long: Year long goals for audience growth, episodes and ideal guests
  • Develop an outreach plan for your podcast: 
    Reaching out to cross-promotion partners, engaging the online community, collecting images and media for promotion
  • Schedule in breaks for yourself: 
    Consider releasing the podcast in batches or in seasons, so that you can take some time off from production.
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