Skills Podcasters Can Improve Without Help

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skills podcasters can improve

Do you know how many people say they want to make a podcast but never follow through? Starting a podcast is much easier said than done. Many people don’t realize that you can’t just produce a podcast overnight. It takes real effort, time and skill to get your idea recorded and published. And sometimes we’re just so busy we forget that there are a lot of skills podcasters can improve. 

You learned how to record, edit audio, even host and interview. That’s an incredible feat, and you should celebrate the fact that you were able to learn all of these skills just because you believed in your podcast idea. You may have been phased or intimidated throughout the production process, but you always figured it out.

It takes a special kind of person to commit to the process, and the best part is that you’ll continue improving your skills throughout the journey of your podcast. You’re only getting started. In this article, we’ll give you some tangible tips on how to improve your podcast skillset even more – on your own!

Improve the way you speak.

Hello, obvious. But hey, you’ll be surprised how many podcasters still rumble and stumble around. The most important thing about a podcast is that your audience understands what you’re trying to say. Besides that, you’ll want your listener to stay engaged and convince them to come back to listen to another episode. Understand the importance now?

Everyone can speak, but not everyone is a great speaker. You need good communication skills to keep your listeners. It’s absolutely normal that you’re not a great speaker when you start with your podcast. You can learn this over time!

Our tips:

  • Listen to experts. You must have some examples of speakers you admire. Take what you appreciate from them and adapt it to your own speaking style.
  • Listen to yourself. That’s right. Listen to your own podcast as it was somebody else’s. What do you like, what do you not?
  • Use the power of storytelling to make your content more interesting.
  • When you’re a solo podcaster: try to talk to someone when you’re recording. This doesn’t have to be a real person; your teddy bear works just fine. We speak clearer when we’re talking to someone.

If the tips above don’t affect your recordings, try some speech training or voice lessons. After all: it is the most important thing from your podcast. If you regularly host podcasts, your speaking skills will improve, and soon enough, you will develop a natural and easygoing flow while speaking.

Improve the way you listen.

Podcasting isn’t just about talking to your audience. You also want them to really listen. In order to do so, it’s crucial to improve your own listening skills. When you’re a good listener, you’ll also know what to tell. You want to connect with your listeners. Make your content relatable. That will keep them around.

Your listeners listen to your podcast because they probably have something in common with you. They’re interested in your topic, got the same job or like the things you do. That’s why you should always have your audience/listeners in mind when you create your podcast. Try to step in your listeners’ shoes. Ask what things they need to know, what problems they need to solve, and cover that in your content. Would you still listen to your podcast when you were your audience?

Our tips:

  • Stay relevant. Make sure your audience still finds the content you’re creating for them relevant. You can do this by regularly checking in with your listeners.
  • Answer their questions. When your audience needs an answer to a question about your niche, make sure they’ll go to your podcast to find it.
  • Ask your listeners for help. When you’re not sure about something, need a solution, or have a concern. Share it. When you’ve got these questions, a lot of your listeners will have the same. Help each other out.

And that’s it! Skills podcasters can improve on their own! 

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