The Art of A Great (Podcast) Interview

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Richard Horsman

In this episode of Audry talks Audio, our co-founder Niklas Hildebrand talks to Richard Horsman. A radio journalist with more than 30 years of experience and a great reputation as a media skills trainer.

After spending his early working days as a producer and journalist at Pennine Radio Richard ended up as News Editor at the time the station evolved into The Pulse of West Yorkshire.

Over the past 23 years, he helped more than 400 broadcast journalists to enter the profession through the innovative Postgraduate course he helped establish at Leeds Trinity University. He received the BJTC’s Special Recognition Award for services to Journalism and Broadcast Training in November 2017 and he’s also one of just three BBC ‘Developing Talent’ Achievement Award recipients.

In 30-minutes Richard and Niklas talk about:

  •  Why the most important person in an interview is always the audience.
  • Why you never ever should give your interviewee a list of questions
  • How to ask challenging questions
  • What to do when you and your interviewee don’t really click

About Audry talks Audio:

At Audry, we help podcasters to access the tools to take their podcast journey to the next level. Audry Talks Audio, helps you to understand the world of audio.

Join Audry’s co-founder Niklas Hildebrand as he talks audio with guests who should inspire every podcaster and entrepreneur. Each episode contains powerful information to help you understand trends, tools, and insights coming from the world of podcasting and audio.

Episodes will be available on YouTube and the Audry blog.

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