The Future of Podcasting According to The Audry Community

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Future of podcasting

Happy International Podcast Day, everyone! Happy what? International Podcast Day is September 30th and is an international celebration of the power of podcasts! The perfect day to connect with fellow podcasters, listeners, podcast enthusiasts, and leaders in the podcasting industry.

At Audry, we thought this was the perfect time to look at the future of podcasting. What do podcasters, listeners, and leaders believe?

The Future of Podcasting According to…

Niklas Hildebrand, Co-Founder at Audry:

“Podcasting will become a much more significant factor in the global creator landscape. Many podcasters are rethinking the structures and rules of audio content, and I am constantly amazed by what they come up with.
As more monetization options present themselves, I am expecting completely different formats in the years to come that are not feasible today due to lack of technology.”

Alex Normanton, Podcaster:
“Brands are going to wake up and fully realize the potential of branded content, different perspectives of view and truly realizing the value of podcasts as a brand expression and valid touchpoint.”

James Cridland, Editor of Podnews:
“I think that we’ll see differences in the way that podcasts make money. Many podcasts earned money through advertising or sponsorship because that’s been the only way of doing it. There haven’t been robust solutions for earning money out of a subscription model. Patreon exists, of course, but it’s not a mainstream thing.

So I suspect that Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and a similar model from Spotify will change the way our creative work is paid for. It could even mean that many podcast creators no longer have to read out sponsorship credits and pretend to be interested in these. We can focus on producing great content that we know we have an audience for.” 

Listen to the rest of this interview with James Cridland here.

Esmeralda Adame, Podcaster:
“This industry is growing exponentially; people are becoming more aware of the huge benefits and advice being provided to them just by the click of a button. Amazing things are ahead!!”

Hey Podcasters!

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