This is What We Learned from Audry talks Audio This Year

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At Audry, we help podcasters to access the tools to take their podcast journey to the next level. Audry Talks Audio helps you to understand the world of audio. We feel like it’s time to look back with seven episodes published this year.  

From Omny studio’s Sharon Taylor to radio futurologist James Cridland. Listen to trends, tools, and insights coming from the world of podcasting and audio.

Our favorite quotes:

Back in August, we talked to James Cridland, radio futurologist and editor of the daily podcast newsletter Podnews. In 30 minutes, James and Niklas talked about the podcasting landscape’s past, current, and future state. 

For the big things that are going to happen in podcasting according to James, check out this article

During the 30-minute talk, he also spoke about the importance of having a podcast community. Something we at Audry couldn’t agree more to.

How to Market Your Podcast Like a Business

With Sharon Taylor from Omny Studio, we talked about how indie podcasters can market their podcast as a business would do. It all starts with knowing who your audience is…

But she also gave us some tips on how to improve your downloads. But that’s not all, she also shared some Omny insights about podcast downloads benchmarks. 

So, look at your downloads, but look at them realistically and be nice to yourself when you’re looking at them. Thanks, Sharon! You can listen to the 30-minute conversation here


Another topic that we loved to talk about was storytelling. We spoke to Mike McVay and Richard Horsman about this topic in the last few months. 

Richard, a radio journalist with more than 30 years of experience and a great reputation as a media skills trainer, taught us everything we wanted to know about the art of interviewing. 

That’s when we asked him if it’s a good idea to give your guest a list of questions..

In September we talked to Mike McVay. Mike was most recently the Executive Vice President of Content and Programming for Cumulus Media and Westwood One. He’s an expert in storytelling and how to engage listeners’ audiences. 

According to Mike, there’s only one way how you can tell a story.

Up next… Money!

A topic podcasters love to talk about. But what do you need to do before you can even start talking to advertisers? 

Maybe our conversation with Heather Osgood can help you. Heather is the founder of True Native Media – a boutique podcast representation agency specializing in podcast advertising.

In 30 minutes, Heather and Niklas talk about:
– Why you need to know exactly who your audience is before you start thinking about ads.
– Why it’s important for host and advertiser to be a perfect match.
– Why hosts will get better results when they create personal ads for each advertiser.

Listen to the full conversation with Heather here.

Last but not least. In our very first episode we talked to Ed Ryan. Ed has been the editor of Radio Ink Magazine and The Podcast Business Journal since its launch three years ago. He’s also been hosting the Radio Ink podcast as well as his own and is the architect of the ‘How to make real money podcast conference.’ 

Listen to the episode with Ed here

And that’s it for our tiny little overview

We had fun this year, we hope you too! See you next year!

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