Why You Should Celebrate Every Stage of Growth

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Celebrate Podcast Growth

 In this article, we’ll outline some of the biggest reasons to be excited and celebrate podcast growth. No matter where you are in your podcasting journey.

Starting a podcast can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences you may ever have. When you begin producing your own podcast, you’re not just making a piece of content. You’re starting a brand new journey. As with every journey, there will be highs and lows, but it’s important to maintain perspective and stay motivated throughout.
To look forward to producing each new episode, take a moment to celebrate every milestone of your podcast.

At the end of the day, you’re making something independently, learning new skills, and growing a fanbase – there’s a ton to be proud of.

You Actually Started a Podcast

Do you know how many people say they want to make a podcast, but never follow through? Starting a podcast is much easier said than done. Many people don’t realize that you can’t just produce a podcast overnight. It takes real effort, time and skill to get your idea recorded and published.

The next time you may be needing motivation, just remember that your podcast at one point was just an idea. A thought jotted down on paper, or a conversation with a friend. Take a moment to be proud that you had an idea, put it into action, and have kept it going this long.

According to Alban Brooke, head of marketing at Buzzsprout, 80% of people who start a podcast never even make it to ten episodes. So pat yourself on the back if you’ve reached that threshold. You’re now in the top 20% of podcasters!

You Learned a New Skill

You learned how to record, edit audio, even host and interview – most likely on your own! That’s an incredible feat, and you should celebrate the fact that you were able to learn all of these skills. Just because you believed in your podcast idea. You may have been phased or intimidated throughout the production process, but you always figured it out.

Many people give up when they see all of the work that actually goes into podcasting. It takes a special kind of person to commit to the process. These are hard technical skills that can be applied to other parts of life, such as your education and career. The best part is that you’ll continue honing and improving your skills throughout the journey of your podcast. You’re only getting started.

You Built Up Podcasting Confidence

Sure, your first few episodes might have been clunky and sounded less than perfect, but you’ve learned the ropes and have a new confidence when it comes to podcasting. It takes a lot of courage to speak to an audience and put your voice out there. It also takes confidence and skill to do this well.

You may have never seen yourself as a host or presenter, but you’ve successfully found your voice for podcasting. You may have even used your podcasting experience to enhance your public speaking skills! Remember that this is a unique talent. Take pride in the fact that you’ve been able to build up your own podcasting personality and confidence.

You Started from the Bottom

Unless you were already a celebrity before starting the podcast, chances are you had to put in the hard work to grow your audience to what it is today. It takes a ton of effort to grow an audience. From analyzing listener analytics, to speaking directly to your audience and even building out unique outreach campaigns.

Listeners don’t come overnight, and you’ve been steadily growing your audience. Whether you have 5 or 5,000 listeners per episode, you’re reaching and influencing people with your fantastic podcast. Take pride in each new person that listens to your show, visits your website, or follows you on social media. Especially when you’ve started your own show, learned how to produce independently, and grown your online following and listenership, reaching new audiences can be the most rewarding aspect of the podcasting journey. Every new fan is a new connection and a new opportunity to continue growing.

You’ve built an audience. Even when you started from nothing, and that’s something to get excited about.

Your Audience Only Grows When You Keep Publishing

You have been able to track the growth of your audience thus far, and you’ve been able to see what makes them tune in and stay listening. If you want to stay motivated, remember that you’re creating the podcast not only for yourself, but for the fanbase you’ve grown (and will continue to grow!).

You can only go up from here, so remember that each leg of the journey is important and will ultimately lead to your greater growth goals.

Many podcasters will feel discouraged and may even stop publishing when there is a lull in podcast growth. You must remember that this is temporary. You’ll only continue growing if you keep publishing episodes. Each new listener (and listener that came back) matters!

Conclusion – Celebrate Podcast Growth!

There are so many reasons to celebrate podcast growth and all your podcasting accomplishments. From learning a new skill to building your confidence and expanding your audience, it takes a lot of energy and talent to make a podcast. Take pride in every milestone and every new listener – looking back on these successes will keep you motivated throughout your podcasting journey.

Remember, it’s really easy to say you’ll make a podcast, but not so easy to actually follow through and produce a great show. You’ve done it – so take some time to celebrate podcast growth and pat yourself on the back!

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