Your 2021 Cross-Promotion Revamp

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Being the best cross-promotion partner you can be will not only attract new partnerships in the future but ensure that your past partners recommend you to their own listeners for years to come. The more partners that have a great experience working with you – and who can vouch for your worth as a podcaster – the more people will be interested in working with you.

When building out your podcasting roadmap for 2021, make sure to dedicate time and energy to cross-promotion to harness the real potential of collaboration with other podcasters. By revamping your own offering, you’ll be able to attract partners with whom you can build long-term, successful connections.

Expand the Definition of Cross Promotion

There’s so much you can do with cross-promotion! You don’t need to limit yourself by offering only guest swaps or plugs to your fellow podcasters. Increase the impact of each collaboration by offering unique ways to promote your partner. Writing guest content for each others’ websites, holding a digital podcast livestream together, or even collaborating on a newsletter are all ways to grow your audience with a partner.

Start out by brainstorming your own capabilities and outreach channels to see where partnerships can make an impact, and show new partnerships that working with you has even more value because you won’t only promote them on the podcast, but also on your website, social media channels, and newsletter. The more multifaceted your promotion offering is, the more likely you’ll attract cross-promotion partners who also want to go all-in with their collaborations.

Keep All of Your Episodes and Assets Organized

Podcasters are busy people. The easier you make it for partners to find, download, and share your media and content, the better. Start by making a shareable Google Drive or Dropbox folder with your podcast’s cover photo and promotion images, episode highlights, headliners, episode descriptions, reviews and social media handles. Taking the guesswork out of cross-promotion will ensure that your partners can share your content more often and with ease.

This also makes it easier to onboard new partners – you simply have to organize a cross-promotion agreement, send along the content folder, and you are good to go. Make sure to keep this folder updated with each new episode, interview, or feature to keep your partners up to date on everything you’re doing.

Keep Record of Past Cross-Promotion Traction 

When approaching new partners for potential collaboration, be ready to show them that working with you can really make a difference in their own reach. The more concrete numbers you are able to show them, the better. Keep a detailed log of your episode listenership, as well as any boost your previous partners have experienced after working with you. You can organize all of this information in a one-pager on Canva, ensuring that it’s organized and straightforward for your partners. Make sure to include a summary of your own audience, what kinds of promotions you’re able to offer, and what past promotions have been successful.

That being said, podcast partnership and success isn’t all about numbers. Your Key Performance Indicators can also include the live-streamed episodes you hosted with a collaboration partner, the articles you’ve co-created with other podcasts or the giveaway you hosted with a local company. While sometimes it may be hard to measure the growth that these activities bring, they definitely have an impact that shouldn’t go unnoticed. They still contribute to the value of a partnership with you – especially if collaborators are looking to experiment with their outreach campaigns. It also shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to interact with your listeners and reach out to new audiences – which is priceless.

Maintain Long Term Relationships with Partners

Even though it can seem more exciting to dive right into each new partnership, it’s important to maintain relationships with the partners you already have. By nurturing those relationships and showing that you value each cross-promotion collaboration, you’ll prove to partners old and new that working with you comes with long term value. As you all grow together, you’ll want to keep up a rapport with past partners and the campaigns you shared. Through maintaining these relationships, you’re building a network of podcasters around the world and across topics that you can come to for support.

We know that it can be hard to keep up to date with every partner you work with, so find the partners with whom you had the most successful campaigns and make sure you touch base once every few months. You can even host a regular series of online events, continue writing pieces for each others’ blogs, and produce new content together. If the collaboration is mutually beneficial, all parties are active and contributing, and you’ve both seen growth as a result, then you’ve got yourself an ideal cross-promotion partnership.

Try Out New Types of Partnerships on Audry

On Audry you can find thousands of other enthusiastic podcasters looking to grow through cross-promotion partnerships. The more you are able to show off the campaigns and traction from past partnerships, the more likely you’ll be able to attract great cross-promotion collaborators in the future.

There are all kinds of podcasters from all around the world on Audry, so if you’re looking to grow within a particular location or within a certain niche, you’ll be able to do so all on one platform.


Kick off 2021 by expanding your cross-promotion offering and building meaningful, long lasting relationships with fellow podcasters. By organizing your content and media, showing potential partners the value of working with you, and nurturing the partnerships you already have, you’ll be sure to attract fantastic collaborators.

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