Nichel's Journey


My podcast: Surviving Your Journey Towards Success Podcast

My name is Nichel Anderson. A published author, motivational speaker, and podcaster from Atlanta, Georgia. My podcast Surviving Your Journey Towards Success is about anything that will help you assist on your life journey. You’ll hear motivational quotes, discussions, and guest interviews to provide some perspective that enriches the discussion to further help others on their path to success or to sustain success. Basically you can say I like to inspire people. A podcast seemed like the best way to do so. 

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The platform is a way to maneuver quickly around the community, so it’s great for busy podcasters.

- Nichel Anderson, Atlanta.

How Audry helped me grow

One of the nicest things about Audry was that it’s so easy to sign up. Only a few clicks and you receive access to a database of thousands of other podcasters. This is really helpful because one of my main challenges as a podcaster is that I usually don’t have the time to network. Via the search feature, you can easily find other podcasters in your genre or discover what’s going on in your own niche. Audry is a great way to get yourself out there. Although I myself didn’t have that much time for collabs, you do expand your podcast. Because by becoming a member of the Audry community you’ll expand your awareness among other podcasters. And it’s really nice to know that you’ve got a network of podcasters close. The platform is a way to maneuver quickly around the community, so it’s great for busy podcasters. Get yourself out there, connect! As of right now, I haven’t gotten the chance to fully complete a collaboration but it’s for sure my goal for 2021. What I’m looking for? Basically, just someone who is nice. It doesn’t matter in what niche you are, as long as people are open to the journey. Open enough to share. 

My biggest learning and tip for new Audry users

My absolute number one tip is to be passionate about your podcast topic. If that’s not the case it’ll take you way too much time doing something you don’t love. Oh, and accept the fact that you’re competing with a lot of people. Not all podcast listeners are going to listen to yours.  And if I could start all over again with my podcast I would definitely think more about my marketing plan and using platforms like Audry. You make your podcast, it’s good content, we get it. But creating and marketing your podcast are two completely different things. Start filling out your profile with all the right numbers. That will really help you to get invites from other podcasters and that can be the beginning of a future collaboration.