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Ashlee's Journey

Ashlee Braxton | The Happy Choice Podcast

My podcast: The Happy Choice Podcast

Hi! I'm Ashlee Braxton and welcome to The Happy Choice Podcast. I created this podcast in my own journey of mental health where I realized, happiness is actually a result of you creating your own choices in life. I share stories of mental health, get the professionals to give us some tips and facts to bring awareness to mental health. The more stories and knowledge we share, we can help others. Everyone should know they are never alone. We live in a world where we think we're crazy, but we're not, we're just human.

My Audry success story in one sentence

I’ve already done 8 successful collaborations and counting!

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Audry set up the tools that I needed and pushed me out there to reach out to other people.

Ashlee Braxton, Barcelona

How Audry helped me grow my podcast

Audry helped me grow as a podcaster. I gained more confidence. At first, I had no idea what to say to anyone at Audry. But by just doing it I realized the people were so awesome. They responded to my collaboration requests with: hey no problem. Some of them became friends and I’m even meeting them in person. It really felt like this whole new world opened up to me. And there were a lot of people like me who were just starting off. But then also people who were way more experienced. Being able to interact with those two different variations is really cool. And now I’m not afraid anymore to ask someone to be on my podcast or collab. Audry set up the tools that I needed and then pushed me out there to reach out to other people.

My biggest learning and tip for new Audry users

Don’t be afraid to reach out to anyone on the platform. You don’t always have to collaborate or do something in exchange. Sometimes you can just say: hey I really like your podcast and just take it from there. Being on Audry makes you feel seen, makes you feel heard, and makes you feel understood. It’s very empowering. You can meet anyone!

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