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Noel's Journey

Noel Bagwell | Profit From Legal Podcast

My podcast: Profit from Legal

I'm attorney Noel Bagwell, and I host the Profit from Legal Podcast. The podcast is about transforming your business’s legal support from a cost center to a profit engine. From time to time, I also invite thought leaders to share relevant insights and ideas from other disciplines, including entrepreneurial mindset, marketing, project management, finance, and other business development topics.

My Audry success story in one sentence

I use Audry to grow my podcast through authentic connections with other thought leaders who create engaging and useful content. 

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Audry helps you find the strategic partnerships to grow your show.

Noel Bagwell

How Audry helped me grow my podcast

Audry has helped me authentically connect with other podcasters and organically grow my audience. Sometimes people ask me: “How do you keep being invited to guest on other podcasts?” The answer is via Audry. It’s the secret to my success. Just this year, I’ve done a lot of collaborations--more than 25 recordings. If you want to grow your podcast, you have to get yourself out there. I even stayed in touch with many of my collaboration partners through Audry. We produced fun, informative podcast content. It was a great collaboration. Audry helps you find the strategic partnerships to grow your show.

My biggest learning and tip for new Audry users

Use a media kit to send as an attachment and a well-written, brief outreach template. Then, connect with as many relevant podcasts as you can, and keep track of who responds with a spreadsheet. This system works well for me and is very simple. If you connect with me through Audry, and we do a collaboration, I’ll even share my spreadsheet template with you. So, send me a message on Audry, and let’s make great content together! 

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