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Brian's Journey

Brian's Story

My podcast: Breaking Down Bits

I'm Brian Gendron, an entrepreneur and a standup comedian. I created Breaking Down Bits as a platform to learn about writing and performing standup comedy by interviewing famous comedians about their process. As a newer comedian I love when I would get to talk with professional comedians when they had shows in my city, but in the pandemic those opportunities dried up. But then I got thinking, many of these comedians and actors are not able to work right now so they probably have more time than ever and I bet If I just ask they'd be willing to give up an hour to talk with us... And it worked, we built a great lineup of famous comedians and have now started building a community of newer comedians that want to hear their advice.

My Audry success story in one sentence

Adding new strategic partners and fans of our podcast.

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We have found several cross-promotion partners and some new fans of the show.

- Brian Gendron, Houston

How Audry helped me grow

My co-creator and co-host, Drew Jordan, is another newer comedian in my city (Houston). He has a lot of talents in video editing and a background in radio. Finding guests has been just using social media and their professional websites to contact comedians. Audry made it easier to reach out to several cross-promotion partners and we even found some new fans of the show.

My biggest learning and tip for new Audry users

You get out what you put into it. Reach out to other podcasters directly and be specific about your ask.

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