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Georgio's Journey

Georgio Savvides | Hip Hop Orchestra Presents

My podcast: Hip Hop Orchestra Presents

My name is Georgio Savvides. Classically trained Pianist, Teacher, and Composer/Producer from London. My podcast, Hip Hop Orchestra Presents, is a podcast about The Hip Hop Orchestra Family, a group that was created back in 2012 with the intention of changing perceptions of both Classical and Hip Hop. In the podcast, you’ll hear about behind the scenes moments, the ups, the downs, crazy stories and so much more. Along with truly incredible and inspirational guests within the music industry.

My Audry success story in one sentence

I can do it in three words: amazing, inspirational, grateful.

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Audry helped me to find other amazing podcasts and collaborators that I may never have had the chance to do before.

- Georgio Savvides, London.

How Audry helped me grow my podcast

I mainly use Audry to find cross-promotion partners and it’s a perfect platform to do so. It gives you the tools to really connect with other people. Actually, my first collaboration went beyond incredibly well with a guest who I can already call a brother. It was with a guest called Adriel Smiley who runs several of his own podcasts. One of them (definitely recommend this one) is ‘In The Cut’ which falls under his Radio Show The Cool Table, where Adriel sits down with some of the best musicians from Toronto and beyond. Audry helped me to find other amazing podcasts and collaborators that I may never have had the chance to do before, like Adriel. But that doesn’t mean all my collaborations have to be in the music industry. When I feel that people could be a great guest and addition to my podcast it doesn’t matter in which niche they are. I believe in a guest, in the conversation you’ll eventually have with them.  When you reach different audiences it’s particularly nice to see your own audience grow as well. And hey, it’s also nice to learn new things about people you didn’t know before. Audry can really help connect you with new podcasters. 

My biggest learning and tip for new Audry users

Take the time to find other podcasts and podcasters that you feel would be beneficial to your own show and vise versa. On paper, you can see stuff about a podcast that looks great, but you have to listen to their podcast to really get to know it. Then you’ll learn how hosts talk and connect with their guests and you can decide whether you want to be a guest on their podcast or not. Don't rush.

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