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Jim Is A Verified Seller on Audry: “This Saves So Much Time”

Jim Cliff | Fallacious Trump

When you’ve got a podcast about a super-specific topic, it can be challenging to find the right partners to collaborate with. Talking about a super-specific topic: Meet Jim! Together with Mark, he’s the host from the Fallacious Trump podcast. As their description describes it: ‘Jim and Mark use the insane ramblings of a tiny-handed narcissist to explain logical fallacies.’ And it’s a success. As of today, they reach around 1,200 listens per episode.

Jim is always exploring new ways to get more people to listen to his podcast. It’s one of the reasons why he joined Audry. As of today, he talked to multiple other podcasters on Audry but as we all know, podcasters are just super busy. That’s why paid promotions were an outcome for Jim, “you don’t have to do anything yourself besides checking the requests”. After his pro seller profile went live a few days ago he already received the first placement requests and he even completed his first transaction. “On the day we launched the episode with the trailer integration we received our first payment via Audry!”

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On the day we launched the episode with the trailer integration we received our first payment via Audry!

Jim Cliff

It’s very easy

“The ease of putting a trailer in just saves you as a podcaster so much time. When you’re collaborating in different ways you sometimes want to record together or do something else. A lot more organization has to happen. A trailer integration through Audry is just very easy, and you’ll get money for it as well.” 

But he wouldn’t add anyone’s trailer: “When I get a request I always check the podcast first. It must be relevant to our listeners otherwise we’re not going to bore them with it. When we believe our listeners will enjoy the other podcast we accept the offers.”

Do you think your podcast will be a fit for Jim’s podcast or are you curious about the other 50 verified sellers on Audry?

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