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Destination Mystery’s Journey

Melissa Destination Mystery Podcast - Audry Review

Our podcast: Destination Mystery

My name is Melissa, and together with my brother Mike we're making a podcast about the paranormal adventures we go on. In Destination Mystery you’ll catch us talking about all the weird stuff, from ghosts and UFOs to Bigfoot. It has something for every Paranormal Enthusiast. We not only tell the spooky history, but we also go to the location and share the evidence we capture. We choose locations that most wouldn't think to investigate or explore. Fasten your seat belts as you go on an adventure that will make you question what's normal and what's paranormal.

Our success story in one sentence

The best advertisement you can get without spending a penny.

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If it wasn’t for Audry I never would have met the people who’ve been a guest on our show so that’s really cool.

- Melissa, Utah.

How Audry helped us grow

Audry has helped us find like-minded podcasters and listeners to share our content with. We joined Audry in September and our podcast really started to grow in October after doing the first cross-promotions (could also be the spooky-month). We believe we gained more listeners for our podcast because Audry makes it really easy to communicate with other podcast hosts. In the end, we’ll do an interview or a promo-swap with other collaborators and it works great. The goal is connecting with those like-minded podcasters. If it wasn’t for Audry I never would have met the people who’ve been guests on our show so that’s really cool. Our first collaboration resulted in our trailer being shared on another podcast and their trailer being shared on ours. It has been great! This helps us get the word out about our podcast to like-minded listeners.

Our biggest learning and tip for new Audry users

When we joined Audry we assumed that everybody was there for the same thing. But you have to remember that’s not always the case. When you reach out to other podcasters, be specific about what you want. For us, it helped to contact as many podcasters as we could for a trailer swap. This helps get your podcast in the hands of other listeners. An effective, non-time consuming, and easy way to grow your audience.

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