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Yoel's Journey

Yoel's Story

My podcast: Yoel's Hang Outs Podcast

My name is Yoel Aynalem. My podcast,Yoel's Hang Outs Podcast, is a comedy interview podcast and I host people from all different walks of life. Just because I think they’re interesting to talk to or I simply find them funny. I intend to have a guest for every show and some of my friends are recurring guests. I want to make a show where me and my listeners both learn something but laugh along the way.

My success story in one sentence

Audry has helped me grow and helped me sharpen my skills.

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My output has grown 3-4 times since I started using the platform.

- Yoel Aynalem, Los Angeles.

How Audry helped me grow

Becoming a member of the Audry community has helped me tremendously. Right now I mainly use Audry to find interview partners. I even hired an assistant to strictly use Audry to find guests for my show. And I can say it has been a huge success. My output has grown 3-4 times since I started using the platform. Not only did Audry help me get more guests, but they've also helped improve my hosting skills by creating more opportunities to host. I remember when I did my first collaboration: their assistant reached out to me and then I had them come on my show. It was a little awkward at first but ended up being fun. The nice thing about Audry is that everybody is a podcaster. And everybody on the platform is there to collaborate so that's really cool.  It's always easier to communicate and more comfortable speaking with like-minded people. It's just a great environment. 

My biggest learning and tip for new Audry users

Don’t overthink it. The more shows you do, the better you will become.

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