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Logan's Journey

Logan's Podcast - Mostly Superheroes - Audry review

My podcast: Mostly Superheroes

Logan here, host and producer of Mostly Superheroes. A weekly video podcast where we talk MOSTLY live-action superhero tv and film, but also anything else worth watching. We help connect the dots with new Disney+ shows like WandaVision and The Mandalorian.

My Audry success story in one sentence

Audry helped our show Mostly Superheroes easily connect with other shows that instantly resulted in more exposure to our show.

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I definitely feel the sense of community in Audry.

- Logan, St. Louis, Missouri.

How Audry helped me grow

My first Audry connection was with a comedian podcast called Breaking Down Bits. We started messaging each other, sharing ideas, and agree to help each other by cross-promoting content. You could call us ‘Podcast Palls’. Have you checked out their show already? It is fantastic. I definitely feel the sense of community in Audry. The website has made it easy to connect with other podcasters, something that has become more cumbersome in a world gone virtual. I recommend Audry to any podcasters out there looking for a community.

My biggest learning and tip for new Audry users

When you start a podcast it means that you discovered that you’re a specialist in an area. My biggest learning: be the expert. Go for it. Be bold. And on Audry: just write a fellow podcaster. You won't regret it and before you know, you'll have made a new friend.

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